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Email Distributor

Email Distributor (group alias) Group aliases For each chair exists a group alias. This is the email distributor to all members of a chair.This group alias possess the following form: Other Distributors There are more email distributors at the D-ARCH. To the protection of abuse and spam you have to login first to view these informations.   Find members of an email distributor list To see which persons belongs to an email distributor list […]

Email Spam Filter

General Information The mail filter service scans incoming e-mails for spam, phishing, malware and fraud messages. Incoming emails first pass through the filter gateways before reaching the mail servers. It is possible to reject spam messages or mark them specifically in the subject line. In addition, a personal whitelist and blacklist are available for free configuration. Confirmed malware and phishing messages are rejected regardless of user settings. Mail Quarantine If incoming e-mails end up in […]

Email Vacation Message

Vacation messages can be created as follows: 1. Login to Outlook Web Access 2. Click on Settings (top right) → Automatic Replies 3. Select Send automatic replies (1) and customize your vacation message (2). At the end, click OK (3).

Office Printer Staff Windows

Printer Installation Windows 10 Search and open the «Printers & scanners». 2. «Add a printer or scanner». 3. Now Windows is searching for available printers, the D-ARCH Printers won’t be listed. Choose «The printer that I want isn’t listed» instead. 4. «Add a local printer or network printer with maual settings». 5. «Create a new port», then choose «Standard TCP/IP Port». 6. Enter the Hostname of the Printer (you can find this Information on the […]

ETH Card Print Staff

Nashuatec MP C 3003 (MFG) – Shared printing The FollowMe printers are located at AGS E, ONA J 22.1, ONA G 34, HIT H 13 (WOF), HIB E Floor (printing room) and HIL H 40.1. Print jobs are released directly at the preferred printer, either by holding the ETH-ID Card to it or by entering the personal ETH login credentials through the panel. Find detailled instructions how to use all functions here. Due to restrictions students (assistants) […]

AGS Atelier Gisel

This page only applies to students working at Atelier Gisel! (ETH AGS) General information The Atelier Gisel offers an excellent infrastructure for students of architecture outside the D-ARCH building HIL. The use of the AGS premises in the Hirslanden district becomes a privilege for a small group of students. Please note the terms of use of the AGS. Basement: Institute GTA Ground floor: Assistant Chair G. Caminada (assistant, workrooms for students) First floor: Diplomatelier (workrooms […]


Please note the following changes are necessary to communicate an event and book a space. This also hold trues for NCCR events and space bookings! Priority is given to ITA members with regard to bookings of open spaces and meeting rooms. Guidelines for ITA events and activities – This semester we try to keep external groups to a minimum in our building because of the Covid-19 situation. – Priorities and exceptions are given to visitors/requests from […]

ONA Location

Meeting Room ONA G 28: The availability of the meeting rooms can checked by web-calendar: A reservation is made by creating a calendar event (at your calendar) and invite the room as a participant (attendee) or location. The reservation will be confirmed automatically if available. Room email: On-site support: The IT-Support Group of the D-ARCH will offer you a walk-in in support every second Tuesday afternoon from 14:00 – 16:45, see below. Your IT-Team […]

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