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Email Distributor

Email Distributor/Mailing-Lists

Group aliases

For each chair exists a group alias. This is the email distributor to all members of a chair.This group alias possess the following form:

Other Distributors

There are more email distributors at the D-ARCH. To the protection of abuse and spam you have to login first to view these informations.

Find and edit members of an email distributor list

To see and edit an email distributor list login into:

After you’re logged in, click  onMailing List” [1] and choose Select Mailing List” [2]. Leave the search field empty [3] and click on “Search” [4].

You will now see all mailing lists for which you have the permission to edit. Now select the list you want by clicking on it.

In the next window you can then view [1], add [2] or remove [3] the members of the list. In addition, you can also add [4] or remove [5] groups. At point [6] you can delete the entire mailing list.

Extra tip: You can add as many users as you like in one step. Just paste the desired list with e.g. ETH username or email address into the search field [1]. Then “Search” [2] and select all entries [3] and assign them afterwards [4].


For more detailed information, please contact the ISG D-ARCH staff. They can also set up your own lists or give you authorization for other existing lists.