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Configure ETH Exchange Account in Android Client configuration Choose your desired Mail-App on Android (Gmail,Nine and many more. The Outlook-App is blocked) and configure the ETH Exchange with the following Settings: Connection Method: Exchange Mail-Address: Password: Mailpassword Mail-Server: Username: username Domain: d Domain\Username: d\username For more Informations and Instructions, visit the Website from the ETH Servicedesk:

Email & Calendar Apple Mail

Configure ETH Exchange account with Apple Mail Client configuration 1. Open application «Mail» (Applications –> Mail). 3 a). Staff-members: Type in your correct full name, then and your password. Important: do not use your standard email address (e.g. Explicitly use (without ‘arch’). This is for configuration use only, you will not loose your arch email address. Click then «Sign in».  3 b). Students: Type in your ETH email-adress (e.g. and your […]