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Email Android

Configure ETH Exchange Account in Android Client configuration At the Moment ETH is migrating People to the Microsoft Office Cloud. Users that already got migrated, should use the Outlook App on Android: Use username@ethz.ch as Email-Address, even if you are a Student Please complete with your OTP-Password *** Old Manual: Choose your desired Mail-App on […]

Email & Calendar macOS

Configure macOS ETH Exchange account (mail, calendar, etc) In the course of 2024, all Exchange accounts (students and employees) will be migrated to the cloud. You can find the current instructions for macOS for the Apple Mail application here: https://unlimited.ethz.ch/display/itkb/Apple+Mail+on+macOShttps://unlimited.ethz.ch/display/itwdb/iOS+and+iPadOS If you prefer the Microsoft Outlook application, you can find these instructions here: https://unlimited.ethz.ch/display/itkb/Outlook+on+macOShttps://unlimited.ethz.ch/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=228851929 You […]