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VPN iOS Cisco Secure Client To set up your ETH VPN configuration on iOS: 1. Go to the App Store. 2. Search for “cisco secure client”. 3. Download it. 4. Open “AnyConnect”. 5. For configuration, please follow these instructions: How to set up VPN

Edit Server Group Members

View and edit Server Group Members To view and edit members of your different server groups, log in to the page: After you are logged in, click on “Group management” [1] and select “Select group” [2]. Leave the search field [3] empty and then click on “Search” [4]. You will now see all groups […]

Microsoft Cloud Subscription (Office 365)

Summary: 1. Order cloud subscription in the ETH IT Shop 2. Download and install Microsoft 365 and Office 3. Log in and activate with and ETH password and OTP 1. Order cloud subscription A. Visit the ETH Zurich IT store at and click on the “Login” button [1]. Log in with your ETH […]

ETH Server iOS/iPadOS (NAS)

Connect to the NAS server with iOS/iPadOS A. Please consider you have only access to our servers within the ETH network. From home or from outside the ETH you must first connect with VPN [1]. B. Open the «Files» App (preinstalled from iOS 13.x and higher). C. Click on «…» [1]. Then choose «Connect to server» […]

Home Office – Remote Teaching

On this page you will find an overview of the topics work at home and remote teaching. Home Office Information about Work Information sheet «working from home» Coronavirus COVID-19 Software for meetings and presentations Zoom Zoom ETH portal Skype download Microsoft Teams Google Hangouts Chat software Nextcloud Talk Signal Telegram Discord Remote teaching ID MMS […]

ETH Print HP Mac Students

At the ETH, new public HP printers are available to all students on the entire ETH campus. Here you will find the instructions for setting up this printer under macOS and can then use all functions including stapling and punching and trigger the print job at any location. A. Download Download the ISG-D-ARCH Card-Stud HP […]

Adobe Creative Cloud (Staff only)

The existing Adobe licenses expire at the end of November 2019 and must be converted into a personal license. Therefore every user of an Adobe product (also Acrobat Pro) has to order, install and activate the licence by themself (ETH user account required). Users who are working on a managed desktop computer i.e. iMac or […]


You need a secure VPN connection to access the ETH network from outside. For example, you can connect to the ETH servers of your chair from home. You can download and then install the Cisco Secure Client. ETH Staff A. Open Cisco AnyConnect Client and fill in “”. Then click on “Connect”. B. Fill in […]

E-Mail Mac IMAP

This guide should only be used if you are using Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11.6) or older. Your ETH e-mail account will then work as usual, but you will not be able to use Exchange calendar functions. If you want to use the ETH Exchange Server in full, we strongly recommend the update to […]

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