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ETH Server iOS/iPadOS (NAS)

Connect to the NAS server with iOS/iPadOS

A. Please consider you have only access to our servers within the ETH network. From home or from outside the ETH you must first connect with VPN [1].

B. Open the «Files» App (preinstalled from iOS 13.x and higher).

C. Click on «…» [1]. Then choose «Connect to server» [2].

D. Type the servername «smb://» [1]. Then click «Connect» [2].

E. Choose «Registered user» [1]. Then type in your «ETH username» [2] and your «ETH password» [3]. Then click «Next» [4].

F. You will now see the available server shares. Important: You only have access to the respective shares for which you have been activated!

If you get an error message, or do not see the server shares (F.), try to enter a d\ before the username. If this does not work either, you can try to enter the exact path in the server name. e.g. Deplazes server students: smb://

These variants depend on the respective iOS or iPadOS. Basically, however, the standard connection as shown in our instructions from A. to F. should work.