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Wireless Configuration iPhone

ETH Zurich will change its network access as of mid-November 2018. All private devices must be reconnected by then.

First delete all configured ETH networks —> Instructions here

Afterwards you can reconnect according to the following instructions:

How to connect to the ETH Wireless Network (SSID «eduroam»)

1. Open «Settings».

2. Open «Wi-Fi».

3. Choose «eduroam».

4. Students: 

Fill in your ETH username@student-net.ethz.ch and your ETH Wifi password.

(E.g. John Doe: jdoe@student-net.ethz.ch)


Fill in your ETH username@staff-net.ethz.ch and your ETH Wifi password.

(E.g. John Doe: jdoe@staff-net.ethz.ch)

5. Accept the certificate by clicking on «Trust».

6. You are now successfully connected with the SSID «eduroam».

The SSID “eduroam” is also available in the 5 Ghz version “eduroam-5” for high bandwidth requirements or high client densities.
However, this should not be selected automatically but only manually when required (e.g. auditoriums).
More or less visual contact to the access point required!