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Software downloads


Please connect to the following server and download the required software:
Apple Mac OS X: smb://
Microsoft Windows: –> software


The general terms and conditions of IT-SHOP and the license terms of the respective licensors apply to the use of this software directory, see link. The passing on of software to students and/or third parties is strictly prohibited!
Commercial use of ETH software is generally excluded! When using the software at home, the following conditions must be observed, see link.
All responsibility for the proper use of ETH software lies with the end user. In particular, it is the duty of the end user to actively inform herself about the current license situation.

To our employees:

License keys are to be requested from the respective IT manager (IV) of your unit, see link
Program updates should only be made in consultation with your IV to avoid incompatibilities
New installations of the devices should be carried out by ISG

To those responsible for information technology:

Licenses must still be registered in the corresponding number of installations in the IT-SHOP
Installations made by ISG must be registered
Coordinated update rounds of the assistance devices can be taken over in consultation with ISG