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HIL Computerrooms Plugins

Computerrooms D-ARCH Plugins Overview The D-ARCH offers its students public computer rooms on the HIL C, D and E floors. All computer rooms have Mac and PC desktop computers (except HIL E 65: PCs only). Login with your ETH user name and password. In addition, the HIL C 42.3 contains a printer and scanner room. On all computers you will find the latest versions of the most frequently used programs in the fields of architecture, […]

Rhino7 Order for Students

Order Rhino 7 for Students Important: In order to use this manual, you have to be a student of the architecture departement! 1. Go to  and log in with your ETH-Account. 2. Choose Order Software Product. 3. Now you have to select the “ETH-STUD-ARCH” OU. 4. For the next step, choose the Rhino Version for your operating system. If you can’t select a Rhino Version, go back to step 3 and make sure you chose […]

Data Restore on NAS22

   Restore of Files on NAS22 This manual describes how you can restore old versions of your Files on NAS22. These old versions can be up to one week old. If the data you want to restore is older than 1 week, we have to use the backup. In that case please contact the service desk. Please note, that you can’t perform this restore on a Mac-Device. Mac Users can do this either on a […]

DARCH: IT Tools/Services (Whiteboard, Nextcloud)

—- English email version — Dear member of the D-ARCH, We would like to point out the following IT tools/services that can support you during the online semester: Whiteboard – Collaboard With the whiteboard server operated at the D-ARCH (such as Miro, Milanote), virtual work tables or boards can be realised for collaborative work, this with the usual ETH login and also free of charge. We are happy to receive feedback for improvements. […]

Remote Desktop

Your Device has to be connected to the Internet. Cisco Anyconnect has to be installed, if you are connecting from outside the ETH: Mac: Win: Connect to VPN, if you are connecting from outside the ETH Start the App “Remote Desktop Connection”, which is preinstalled under Windows. Mac: Before connecting, make sure you consulted this site: Then you have to enter the hostname (e.g. ARCH-E65-W-01) of the desired computer and click […]

E-Mail Mac IMAP

This guide should only be used if you are using Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11.6) or older. Your ETH e-mail account will then work as usual, but you will not be able to use Exchange calendar functions. If you want to use the ETH Exchange Server in full, we strongly recommend the update to the current macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 (free of charge in the App Store) -> App Store -> Updates -> Install […]

Software downloads

Source Please connect to the following server and download the required software: Apple Mac OS X: smb:// Microsoft Windows: –> software Rules The general terms and conditions of IDES and the license terms of the respective licensors apply to the use of this software directory, see link. The passing on of software to students and/or third parties is strictly prohibited! Commercial use of ETH software is generally excluded! When using the software at home, […]