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Lending Computer Accessories

We have a large selection of different rental objects such as adapters for beamer or network, power supplies, mice, keyboards, various cables (USB, Thunderbolt, Firewire, Lightning, power), external drives, etc… To borrow something, visit us at the D-ARCH Helpdesk HIL C 37 Lending Multimedia Accessories Here you will find further information on multimedia lending: A/V checkout service 

Office Printer Staff Mac

Nashuatec MPC 300x (MFG) – assistance device Installation, setup and use of additional functions such as stapling or punching on the multifunction printers of Nashuatec with Mac OS X Printer Nashuatec MP C 3003 & MP C 3004SP automatic installation (with all functions): From macOS 10.12.x (Sierra) and higher Download the printer of your chair (you will find it in your download folder). Download Printer Brandlhuber Download Printer Caruso Download Printer Christiaanse […]

Guest Account

Day visitors Self-registration tool for temporary, individual day visitors (for the WiFi network of ETH): SSID: «public» or «public-5» Guests who only need wireless or Internet access can now register using their own mobile number. Choose one of the open SSID «public» or «public-5», follow the landing page who will appear automatically, see below. Group account No longer available.  If you need an account for a group of people for a lecture or a conference […]

Cloud Storage

In addition to the server storage space, we offer you your personal cloud storage space with 500 GB volume. This allows you to back up personal data or share large files with external partners or employees (similar to DropBox). How to share your data Nextcloud Client Installation To install the Nextcloud Client you first need to log into on the Browser. After logging in you need to click the User-Icon (1) on the top-right to get […]

Telephone Service

In the course of the technological advancement of the telephone sets to network devices (such as computers and printers), their connection, mutation and configuration is new in the IT Services groups of the respective departments and units. The old forms of the telephony services are no longer available. The following concerns are new to the D-ARCH IT Services group: • Request for new connection • Assignment of person to phone number (appears in the person […]

Remote Support Staff

Remote Support If you are outside the HIL building, D-ARCH employees have the possibility to get remote support during the office hours. Download Please click on the remote desktop client (Mac or Windows) to download and install it (Note: under macOS you must allow the download). How to grant access to TeamViewer on your Mac macOS 10.14.x Mojave and macOS 10.15.x Catalina or higher Remote Support If you start the application, you get an random […]

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