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Guest Account

Day visitors

Self-registration tool for temporary, individual day visitors (for the WiFi network of ETH):

SSID: «public» or «public-5»

Guests who only need wireless or Internet access can now register using their own mobile number. Choose one of the open SSID «public» or «public-5», follow the landing page who will appear automatically, see below.

Guest WiFi public

Group account

No longer available.  If you need an account for a group of people for a lecture or a conference i.e. several guests use the same account you can order a Group account (Gruppenaccount) at theService Desk

Long term guest

This refers to persons visiting ETH for approximately one month and requiring access to ETH online applications and services during their stay. Guest period can be extended if necessary.
Generally, visitors on a lengthier stay at ETH are assigned a workplace by HR.

Guest account for former ETH member

After leaving ETH a user account can be converted to a guest account if there is still cooperation within projects and access to data and email is required. Please send your request for conversion to with cc to responsible professor.

Further instructions