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NAS Server Windows (New)

Connect to the NAS server with Windows (network drive) Please consider you can only access the servers within the ETH networks. Outside the ETH network you have to start VPN first. Connect to a Network-Share Open “File Explorer” next to the “Start” button or by using the shortcut windows-key + e. Enter the following server address into the address bar: Log in with your ETH-Username (with a d in front of the Username) and Password. After […]

NAS Server Mac (New)

Connect to the NAS server with macOS (map a network drive) Please consider you have only access to our servers within the ETH network. From home or from outside the ETH you must first connect with VPN. 1. Choose in Finder Go -> Connect to Server or use the shortcut Command+K 2. Enter the following server address -> smb:// 3. Type in your ETH user name and your password. 4. Choose the volume (or several), which you would […]

Guest Account

Day visitors Self-registration tool for temporary, individual day visitors (for the WiFi network of ETH): SSID: «public» or «public-5» Guests who only need wireless or Internet access can now register using their own mobile number. Choose one of the open SSID «public» or «public-5», follow the landing page who will appear automatically, see below. Group account No longer available.  If you need an account for a group of people for a lecture or a conference […]

Server General Information

General information ISG D-ARCH is providing central fileservers for all students and staff members of the departement of architecture. Shares (or networkdrives) are divided in 2 parts. First we have the personal share who is only for yourself. Secondly we have the group shares. Access authorization for the group shares are administrated by the responsible IT person from your unit or by the staff of the ISG. All data of the servers will be safed […]


Password If you want to change your password or if you have problems like • No login possible on Macs or Windows computers at the ETH • No server mount possible • Password is not accepted for all services • You were at a work experience or you were a long time away from the ETH we ask you to to synchronise your password. If you have forgotten your password, you must pass by the […]