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ETH Print HP Mac (Staff)

All Nashuatec printers will be replaced by HP models in 2022, which will be available on the entire ETH campus. Please follow our instructions to access all printers at ETH under macOS. Table of contents A. Download Printer Drivers B. Installing the Printer Tool C. Add Printer A. Download Printer Drivers The following drivers are required for the HP Printers: HP Models E55040dw, E55040dn and MFP E57540c (hp-printer-essentials-S-5_14_8_4) HP Models MFP E67660z, MFP E77830z and MFP E87650z […]

ETH Card Print Stud Mac

From the spring semester 2020, new HP printers will be available to students on the entire ETH campus. Please follow our installation instructions so that you can use all functions including stapling and punching with macOS. A. Install printer driver Download the printer driver package here. To install the driver please follow steps 1 to 13. B. Add printer 1. Open «System Preferences…» [1] 2. Choose «Printers & Scanners» [1]. 3. Click on the «+» sign […]

Office Printer Staff Windows

Printer Installation Windows 10 Search and open the «Printers & scanners». 2. «Add a printer or scanner». 3. Now Windows is searching for available printers, the D-ARCH Printers won’t be listed. Choose «The printer that I want isn’t listed» instead. 4. «Add a local printer or network printer with maual settings». 5. «Create a new port», then choose «Standard TCP/IP Port». 6. Enter the Hostname of the Printer (you can find this Information on the […]

ETH Card Print Staff

Nashuatec MP C 3003 (MFG) – Shared printing The FollowMe printers are located at AGS E, ONA J 22.1, ONA G 34, HIT H 13 (WOF), HIB E Floor (printing room) and HIL H 40.1. Print jobs are released directly at the preferred printer, either by holding the ETH-ID Card to it or by entering the personal ETH login credentials through the panel. Find detailled instructions how to use all functions here. Due to restrictions students (assistants) […]

Office Printer Staff Mac

Nashuatec MPC 300x (MFG) – assistance device Installation, setup and use of additional functions such as stapling or punching on the multifunction printers of Nashuatec with Mac OS X Printer Nashuatec MP C 3003 & MP C 3004SP automatic installation (with all functions): From macOS 10.12.x (Sierra) and higher Download the printer of your chair (you will find it in your download folder). Download Printer Brandlhuber Download Printer Caruso Download Printer Christiaanse […]

ETH Print Services for Students

Printing at VPP (distributed printing and plotting) changes from Autumn semester start 2016 (19.09.2016) fundamentally. The existing «classical» VPP will be operated in the future only for plotters. For this reason, you have now, depending on the print format, 2 different ways to transmit your print jobs: 1. PublicPrinting A4/A3 in B/W or Color (ETH card on piastud01) Now you have to release your print jobs with your ETH card (terminals are eliminated). That’s the […]