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Printer Installation with Windows 10/11

If the following Instructions don’t work for you, please install your Printer with the IPP-Protocol: IPP-Print

To install the printer, you have to connect to one of two servers:
To install card-ethz and card-hp or printers located at Zentrum and Oerlikon, connect to
For all other printers located at Hönggerberg, connect to

If the printer is used by a lot of people or by a whole floor, we recommend installing the card-ethz or card-hp (for hp printers).
That means, that you have to manually start the print with your ETH card

1. Enter the name of the server (see above) in the Windows search bar.

2. If you are prompted for your credentials, first choose “Use a different account”

3. Enter your ETH name and password. Make sure to tick “Remember my credentials” before pressing “OK”

4. Search for the name of your printer (the name can be found on your printer). Once you found the printer, do a rightclick on it and press “Connect…”. The printer will then be installed.

If you can’t find the printer on the server, you may have to connect to the other server and look for it there.