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HIL Computerrooms Software

Computerrooms D-ARCH Software Overview 2022/2023 The D-ARCH offers its students public computer rooms on the HIL C, D and E floors. All computer rooms have Mac and PC desktop computers (except HIL E 65: PCs only). Login with your ETH user name and password. In addition, the HIL C 42.3 contains a printer and scanner room. On all computers you will find the latest versions of the most frequently used programs in the fields of […]

Rhino7 Order for Students

Order Rhino 7 for Students Important: In order to use this manual, you have to be a student of the architecture departement! 1. Go to  and log in with your ETH-Account. 2. Choose Order Software Product. 3. Now you have to select the “ETH-STUD-ARCH” OU. 4. For the next step, choose the Rhino Version for your operating system. If you can’t select a Rhino Version, go back to step 3 and make sure you chose […]

Collaboard Whiteboard

Introduction: The Department is making available for free use to all interested D-ARCH and ETH members the collaborative whiteboard solution from the Swiss company IBV called Collaboard. The web-based application is ideal for the creation of interactive work tables (whiteboards) and/or meetings of work/projects in groups. All common file formats (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.) are supported, as well as Office documents for viewing and uploading. The work tables and/or whiteboards can be exported as PNG […]

Install Creative Cloud Desktop Windows

1. After downloading Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop: double click the zip-file, then double click on setup.exe [1]. You may be asked to execute it, choose yes. Installation in progress. 2. After the successful installation you will find the «Adobe Creative Cloud» icon on your desktop. Now start the application with a double click. Go back and finish the procedure with “Login and activate”

Install Creative Cloud Desktop macOS

System requirements: The current Adobe CC programs run from macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra). We recommend to install macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) or higher. On this page you will find everything you need to know about this topic including download links. 1. After downloading Adobe Creative Cloud Installer double-click on .dmg [1]. Then double-click on the folder [2] and follow the instructions. 2. After the successful installation you will find the «Adobe Creative Cloud»[2] folder in the folder «Applications»[1]. Now […]

Adobe Creative Cloud (Staff only)

The existing Adobe licenses expire at the end of November 2019 and must be converted into a personal license. Therefore every user of an Adobe product (also Acrobat Pro) has to order, install and activate the licence by themself (ETH user account required). Users who are working on a managed desktop computer i.e. iMac or Dell Workstation (mostly at GTA), must follow the steps “Order personal licence” and “Login and activate” only. The licence change […]

How to get Windows 10 for free

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching To use Microsoft Software for free (e.g. Windows 10), first you have to order the «Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching»-Portal-Access on the site of IT Shop First login, then search for «Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching». A) Search for Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching B) Follow the instructions in the email and login on the devtoolspage C) Get your Windows serial number and download the […]

Software Staff

Software Staff members get their software from the responsible IT person of your chair. Some specific software for the departement of architecture you will find here. Find more information concerning software downloads for IT persons.

Software ETH IT-Shop

Instructions for IT Shop As a student of the ETH Zurich you have the possibilty to get software for free respectively much cheaper than normaly. On the pages you can order the software. After the login you can select the desired software which will be activated on IT Shop for you. After successful order you can download the software directly from the IT Shop server. You will find a software overview with quick-links on […]

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