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Home Office – Remote Teaching

On this page you will find an overview of the topics work at home and remote teaching. Home Office Information about Work Information sheet «working from home» Coronavirus COVID-19 Software for meetings and presentations Zoom Zoom ETH portal Skype download Microsoft Teams Google Hangouts Chat software Nextcloud Talk Signal Telegram Discord Remote teaching ID MMS and LET: Teaching options for faculty and students File sharing & collaboration Fileserver with VPN Nextcloud Polybox OneDrive Google Drive […]

Telephone & Voicemail

The Department of Architecture uses two types of telephones, which differ slightly from each other in terms of operation; the following brief instructions are provided for this purpose. Voice-Mail The voice mail system can be used as an answering machine, for notes, announcements and absence messages. The following functions are included in the voice mail service: • Answering machines • Delivery of voice messages as MP3 files directly to your inbox • Voice access to […]

Disposal of IT material

f you have old or no longer used IT material, you are welcome to bring it to our IT Service Desk HIL C 37. We will then take care of professional disposal or an ETH internal re-use. Environmental mission statement of ETH Zurich

Lending Computer Accessories

We have a large selection of different rental objects such as adapters for beamer or network, power supplies, mice, keyboards, various cables (USB, Thunderbolt, Firewire, Lightning, power), external drives, etc… To borrow something, visit us at the D-ARCH Helpdesk HIL C 37 Lending Multimedia Accessories Here you will find further information on multimedia lending: A/V checkout service 

Telephone Service

In the course of the technological advancement of the telephone sets to network devices (such as computers and printers), their connection, mutation and configuration is new in the IT Services groups of the respective departments and units. The old forms of the telephony services are no longer available. The following concerns are new to the D-ARCH IT Services group: • Request for new connection • Assignment of person to phone number (appears in the person […]

Remote Support Staff

Remote Support If you are outside the HIL building, D-ARCH employees have the possibility to get remote support during the office hours. Download Please click on the remote desktop client (Mac or Windows) to download and install it (Note: under macOS you must allow the download). How to grant access to TeamViewer on your Mac macOS 10.14.x Mojave and macOS 10.15.x Catalina Remote Support If you start the application, you get an random user ID […]

HIL Computerrooms

Computer rooms D-ARCH The D-ARCH offers its students public computer rooms on the HIL C, D and E floors. All computer rooms have Mac and PC desktop computers (except HIL E 65: PCs only). Login with your ETH user name and password. In addition, the HIL C 42.3 contains a printer and scanner room. On all computers you will find the latest versions of the most frequently used programs in the fields of architecture, CAD, […]


D-ARCH Helpdesk The ISG D-ARCH (IT Services Group) offers its students an own helpdesk for questions concerning Hard- and Softwareproblems. This helpdesk is for students from the departement Architecture only. Students from other departments should contact the department’s own support or the central helpdesk of ETH Zurich. D-ARCH Helpdesk HIL C 37 Opening times Tuesday and Wednesday 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (this only applies for Students, Employees can come by any time) During […]