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Infrastructure Atelier Gisel (AGS)


—  Work in progress —

The printer infrastructure provided at Atelier Gisel differs from the ETH standard setup! This means that the printers/plotters must be installed as follows, see instructions below.

As far as the provision of consumables and support is concerned, the person responsible for the location is primarily the first point of contact, see also:


  • A. Plotter installation
    B. Installing the printer (A4/A3)
    C. Consumables and support

A. Installation Plotter HP T1600dr PS


  1. The “Universal_PostScript” driver is required for installation. Please download it. Double-click the downloaded installation file (1) and start the setup (2) in the window that has just opened. Follow the instructions of the setup.
  2. Once the installation is complete, open the “System Settings”(2) and select “Printers & Scanners”(3) then “Add Printer, Scanner…..” (4).
  3. In the “Add-Printer” dialog, apply the settings according to the marked points (1-8).
    Printer address:
  4. The printer is now available in all applications.


  1. The plotter can be installed in simple steps using the HP tool. To do this, download the file “HP DesignJet and PageWide XL Windows Printer Driver Installer” from the HP website and then start the setup.
    Follow the steps until you are asked to “Discover” the printer and select “Add printer manually” (1). Then click “Next” (2).
  2. Choose “IP Adress or Hostname” (1). Enter the printer address (2) “”. Click “Next” (3).
  3. The plotter type should be recognized correctly as shown in the screenshot below. Confirm with “Next” (1).
  4. Select the “Easy installation” (1) option. Then click “Next” (2).
  5. After installation, the printer is available for selection in the applications as usual.

B. Installation Drucker HP Color Laserjet E78330


Follow the instructions according to the following link:

Once the installation is complete, you can easily select (1) and install (2) the printer in the “ETH Printers” application (Applications –> Utilities):


Install the “card-hp” queue according to the link:

C. Consumables and support