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Email Spam Filter

General Information

The mail filter service scans incoming e-mails for spam, phishing, malware and fraud messages. Incoming emails first pass through the filter gateways before reaching the mail servers.

It is possible to reject spam messages or mark them specifically in the subject line. In addition, a personal whitelist and blacklist are available for free configuration.

Confirmed malware and phishing messages are rejected regardless of user settings.

Mail Quarantine

If incoming e-mails end up in quarantine, you will receive a report or quarantine report once a week. This report can be used to release messages that have been wrongly quarantined. The interval of the report (weekly, daily or none), as well as the delivery of individual retained emails, can be configured via the web interface.

Individual Configuration

You can individually configure the mail filter for your account as follows:

Access MailCleaner (Web)

1. Login to the website

MailCleaner Login

Delivery Report

In the “Configuration” menu (1), select -> “Filtering mode” (2).

MailCleaner Menu

Under point (3) “Sending quarantine reports…” the desired interval of the report can be set individually to inform the retained/recognized e-mails. Activate the option (4) “Apply these rules to all e-mails…..”, then “Save” (5), see below:

MailCleaner Report

Unblock email

Under the menu item “Quarantine” (1), you can view all e-mails held back or classified as spam for the last 30 days.

MailCleaner Quarantäne

The symbols in the left column (2) can be used to release an entry/e-mail, to display the content/header or to submit an incorrectly classified e-mail for global filter adjustment (check).

White- and Blacklist

Attention: existing Black- and Whitelist entries from the old system were not taken over! Adjustments to the list are possible via the menu “Configuration” (1) -> “White list” (2) or “Black list”. With these forms you can create your own list/collection of allowed (White) and/or blocked (Black/Spam) email addresses or domains. Examples

A domain: (applies to the whole domain)
One address: (concerns only the address)

MailCleaner Lists

Further Information

Further information

Please deactivate the built-in spam filters of your e-mail client (especially in “Apple Mail” and “Microsoft Outlook”). These filters generate many “false positives”, which is not the purpose of a spam filter.


Please contact the ISG staff if you are not sure how to use this tool.

For further information on the “Mail-Filter MailCleaner” service, see