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WiFi iOS

Wireless Configuration iPhone ETH Zurich will change its network access as of mid-November 2018. All private devices must be reconnected by then. First delete all configured ETH networks —> Instructions here Afterwards you can reconnect according to the following instructions: How to connect to the ETH Wireless Network (SSID «eduroam») 3. Choose «eduroam». Information: The SSID “eduroam” is also available in the 5 Ghz version “eduroam-5” for high bandwidth requirements or high client densities. However, this […]

WiFi Mac

Connecting to the ETH WLAN with Mac OS X If you want to establish a wireless connection please choose the network «eduroam-5» or«eduroam» . Connecting to SSID «eduroam-5» or «eduroam» To connect to the ETH network «eduroam-5» or «eduroam», you have to do the following settings once: 1. Click on the wireless symbol in the menu bar of your Mac. Then choose «eduroam-5» or «eduroam». 3. Choose then in the appearing pop-up window Show Certificate. 4. Check first if […]

WiFi Android

Note: If you are using the Swift keyboard, the hyphen may not be recognized. In this case you have to switch to the Google keyboard! There is an Eduroam-App in the Playstore: If all this doesn’t work, try to configure your Android WLAN with the Eduroam-Installer: To manually download the Certificate, check the Link in this PDF:

WiFi Windows

Setup the ETH-Wireless Profiles ETH and ETH-5 should not be used anymore Eduroam 1. Download and extract the Eduroam Windows 10 Configuration Tool: EDUROAM_Win10_ETHZ 2. Execute EDUROAM_Win10_ETHZ.exe and start the Installation 3. On the last Setup-Page, enter the following Credentials (Employes and Students have different realms):   4. Now connect with eduroam (stronger Signal) or eduroam-5 (faster Signal) 5. For older Operating-Systems like Windows 7/8, visit this Website to get the appropiate Configuration Tool: