WiFi Windows

Setup the ETH-Wireless Profiles

ETH and ETH-5 should not be used anymore


1. Download and extract the Eduroam Windows 10 Configuration Tool: EDUROAM_Win10_ETHZ

2. Execute EDUROAM_Win10_ETHZ.exe and start the Installation

3. On the last Setup-Page, enter the following Credentials (Employes and Students have different realms):

Employees use ETH username@staff-net.ethz.ch for the username:


Students use ETH username@student-net.ethz.ch for the username:

4. Now connect with eduroam (stronger Signal) or eduroam-5 (faster Signal)

5. For older Operating-Systems like Windows 7/8, visit this Website to get the appropiate Configuration Tool: https://cat.eduroam.org/