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Telephone Service

In the course of the technological advancement of the telephone sets to network devices (such as computers and printers), their connection, mutation and configuration is new in the IT Services groups of the respective departments and units.

  • The old forms of the telephony services are no longer available. The following concerns are new to the D-ARCH IT Services group:

• Request for new connection
• Assignment of person to phone number (appears in the person directory)
• Request for removal
• Voicemail activation
• Dialing authorisation

  • • Display Display Indication
  • Your request should be sent by e-mail to
    The physical installation of the equipment will continue to be carried out by the Communication Service Group. The processing time is approximately 7 working days.

Phone book (internal office address)

The phone book is no longer printed and replaced by the web application It should be noted here that the entries of the internal office addresses occur as follows.

  1. Title, surname and first name of the persons: Purchased read-only from the HR department (System: SAP)
  2. Organizational unit (OU) assigned to the person: is determined by the employment, which is managed by the HR department (System: SAP)
  3. Room address: Is determined by the location of the person’s telephone set. The location of the apparatus is determined by the UTP can number (e. g. UTP41955). The end point of this box is stored as a room in the infrastructure database for ID communication.


An entry in the personal directory is only made if the person has been assigned to a telephone number. In the case of a new member and/or departure, this must be reported to us, otherwise the list of persons is incorrect or incomplete. Several people can be assigned to one number!

ISG D-ARCH cannot provide support for points 1. and 2. because these data are read-only by the master system. In case of (data) errors, please contact the HR department (via your HR manager) who is responsible for both cases.
If an error occurs in point 3., it is possible that the infrastructure database (after conversions etc.) is not updated. Here we depend on reports from them.

Telephone or fax faults

Malfunctions, faults or mechanical defects on communication devices (telephone and fax) must be addressed directly to the Communication Service Group via the following link: