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Email Outlook 2016 Windows

Configure Microsoft Outlook with ETH Exchange Account

To use the new Mail-Server, the Department of Architecture suggests using the newest Office-Version. This would now be Outlook 2016. Otherwise, only the version 2013 will work with our mail server.

If you don’t have any E-Mail account setup on your device, begin here

  1. Open the Program «Outlook 2016» (Windows Button -> Outlook 2016) and click «Next»

If you have Setup an E-Mail account on your device/Outlook already, begin here

  1. On the top-left corner of your Screen go to «File»

  1. To add an Account you click «Add Account» as shown in the picture (Continue to step 4 afterwards)

  1. Choose «Yes» here since we want to connect our ETH-Mail account to Outlook
  2. Continue with «Next»

  1. Insert your name, E-Mail address and password as shown by the yellow highlighted fields
  2. Continue with «Next»

  1. Choose «More choices» since we can’t login with the shown username

  1. Click on «Use a different account»

  1. Type your ETH-username (with d in front) and password as shown by the yellow highlighted fields and tick the box «Remember my credentials»
  2. Continue with «OK»

  1. Check as shown by the highlighted field if everything is correct, if it is, click «Finish»

  1. This report might pop-up after the setup. Here we tick the highlighted box and click «Allow»