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Configure ETH Exchange account with Apple Mail

Client configuration

1. Open application «Mail» (Applications –> Mail).

2. a) Choose «Exchange» and click «Continue».

2. b) If you have already other accounts configured, you can choose «Ad Account…» under Mail in the menu bar to add the @arch-account.

3 a). Staff-members: Type in your correct full name, then and your password.
Important: do not use your standard email address (e.g. Explicitly use (without ‘arch’). This is for configuration use only, you will not loose your arch email address. Click then «Sign in». 

3 b). Students: Type in your ETH email-adress (e.g. and your ETH password.Click then «Sign in».

4. Click on «Done».

Your account is now ready to use!

Please keep the following in mind:

  • You can use your email-account on any computer or smartphone simultaneously. All your emails, addresses and calendars will be synchronized automatically.

  • Webmail

  • Find Exchange Webmail, which is called Outlook Web Acess, on the following website:

  • Mail Archive

    You can find deleted and/or older mails in the ETH Mail Archive at: Mailarchive

  • New from November 1, 2021: Access to the e-mail archive is only possible for all ETH employees if you request it via the ID Service Desk (e-mail to Afterwards, access will be activated for you, but access will only be possible in the ETH network or via VPN.