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iPhone Email configuration with ETH Exchange account

Note: It is not possible to configure Microsoft Outlook for iOS with the ETH-Mail account. This is for data protection reasons (Outlook data for iOS must be stored on a US server and ETH does not allow this.).

Depending on the iOS version, you may be asked for the mail server. This is:

How to configure your Email

1. Choose «Settings».

2. a) Choose «Mail».

2. b) Choose «Accounts».

3. Choose «Add Account…».

4. Choose «Microsoft Exchange».

5. a) Students:

Type in your Email adress and add description (e.g. ETHZ Mail).

5. b) Employees:

Type in your ETH (not your Arch Email address!). Then add description (e.g. ETHZ Mail).

6. Click «Next». Then choose «Configure Manually».

7. Insert your ETH Password (nethz) and click «Next».

8. Choose «Mail», «Contacts», «Calendars», «Reminders» and «Notes»(recommended).

Then click on «Save».

That’s it!