Category: Tipps and Tricks

Data Recovery

It happened, your hard disk has gone south and there is no backup available. Step one, ISG D-ARCH Shut down your computer immediately and contact the members of the ISG. Depending on the kind of the defect we probably have the ability to restore your data, maybe all of them. Though without any warranty. Step two, Data Rescue Service In case we couldn’t help you can contact «Kroll Ontrack GmbH» which offers special discount prices […]

Backup Windows

We highly recommend backups of your important files or data for all students regularly. Hard disks do fail. The question here is not if but when they do. Windows 10 We recommend the Freeware Duplicati. The easiest way is to use an external hard-disk as data storage. Backup of single files, drawings, etc. → Memory Stick Connect the stick to your PC. Drag and drop your data on the symbol of the stick on your […]

Backup Mac

We strongly recommend all students and staff to make regular backups of their important data. Hard disks do fail. The question here is not if but when they do. Mac OS X If you use Mac OS X there is a backup solution integrated called «Time Machine». You only have to connect an external hard-disk to your Mac. After a few seconds click on «Use as Backup Disk». «Time Machine» will do the rest. To […]