Backup Mac

We strongly recommend all students and staff to make regular backups of their important data. Hard disks do fail. The question here is not if but when they do.

Mac OS X

If you use Mac OS X there is a backup solution integrated called «Time Machine». You only have to connect an external hard-disk to your Mac. After a few seconds click on «Use as Backup Disk». «Time Machine» will do the rest. To get your lost data back, start «Time Machine» and search in the grafical interface your lost files.

Backup of single files, drawings, etc.

→ Memory Stick
Connect the stick to your Mac. Drag and drop your data on the symbol of the stick on your desktop.
Advice: Memory-Sticks are excellent for data exchange between Mac and Windows too.

→ External Hard-Disk
Connect your external firewire or USB 2.0-hard-disk to your Mac. Drag and drop your data on the symbol of the hard-disk on your desktop.

→ D-ARCH Server
Connect to your personal user share, create a folder «Backup» there und copy your data into it.

→ Burn a CD or DVD
Choose in the «Finder» under «File» «New Burn Folder». Drag and drop your data/files in this folder and then click «Burn» (Requirement: CD/DVD writer internal or external)

Complete Backup (1-1 Backup of your internal hard-disk)

1. Connect your external firewire-hard-disk to your Mac.
2. Start the application «SuperDuper!». Download here
3. Choose «Copy now» and your whole internal hard-disk will be copied to the external hard-disk. Attention: Your external hard-disk has to be empty, because it will be deleted!

Advice: If your internal hard-disk is e.g. 500 GB and your external hard-disk has a capacity of 1 TB you can split the external hard-disk in 2 parts with the application «Disk Utility» (Applications -> Utilities). The parts could be e.g. 750 GB and 250 GB. With this split you can use the first part for complete backups and the second part for copying additional software, music, movies, etc.

Further Points

With the application «Migration Assistant» (Applications -> Utilities) you can easily copy your Home-Folder or your applications from another Mac to your Mac. This can be helpful in case you change your computer.