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Server General Information

General information

ISG D-ARCH is providing central fileservers for all students and staff members of the departement of architecture.

Shares (or networkdrives) are divided in 2 parts. First we have the personal share who is only for yourself. Secondly we have the group shares. Access authorization for the group shares are administrated by the responsible IT person from your unit or by the staff of the ISG.

All data of the servers will be safed daily on tapes. If you need backup of your data please consult the staff of the ISG.

macOS X users connect like this:

Finder –>  Go to –>  Connect to Server…

Detailed instructions here

Windows users connect like this:

Tools –>  Map network drive

Detailed instructions here

Find following a list of server names of the different shares:

  • Personal share staff members and students D-ARCH

  • Group share staff members and students D-ARCH

  • Archive shares D-ARCH

  • Project shares D-ARCH

  • Software download shares IT-Shop


If you have any questions please contact our team or send an email to