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Data Restore on NAS22

   Restore of Files on NAS22

This manual describes how you can restore old versions of your Files on NAS22. These old versions can be up to one week old. If the data you want to restore is older than 1 week, we have to use the backup. In that case please contact the service desk.

Please note, that you can’t perform this restore on a Mac-Device. Mac Users can do this either on a Windows Device in the E65 Computer Room or with Remote Access  (

  1. Connect to NAS22 ( and navigate to the File that you want to restore.
  2. Right-Click on the file you want to restore and select Restore previous versions.

  3.  Select the Version you want to restore.
  4. By choosing Open you’ll be able to open the old version of the file and test if it works and if the desired content is included,
  5. Choose Restore to restore the selected version. Please note, that all changes that you made to the file since that version will be lost!!