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Students can check their e-mails without any configuration on the website Here you find also possibilities to forward your mails, etc.

To check your mails comfortably with an e-mail client you need the following settings:

Type of ServerExchange
Incoming server
Outgoing server SMTP
Username your ETH-shortname (login-name)
Password your ETH-password
Coding (Incoming-Server) use SSL (Port 993)
Coding (Outgoing-Server) use TLS (Port 587)

Find further infos on


If you already use a personal mail account such as GMX, Google, etc. the mailserver of the ETH must be used to send mails (outgoing server: within the ETH-network.

For further informations or if you have problems, visit the D-ARCH Helpdesk at HIL C 38.3 (open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.).

You find also informations concerning e-mail on the webpages of the computer science services or how to configure your e-mail client on


If you use the ETH-LDAP-server you will find simply and easily other students or staff-members within your e-mail-application respectively within your adressbook-application. You need the following settings:

NameETH LDAP (choose free)
BaseDN/search o=ethz,c=ch
Port number 389

These settings you must paste in the following way:

Mac: Mail -> Preferences -> Composing -> Configure LDAP...
or Contacts -> Preferences -> LDAP

Windows: Outlook -> Tools -> Account-Settings -> Adress-Book -> New...

Function mode: If you write now an e-mail, the e-mail-address completes automatically.

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