ETH Print HP Mac (Staff)

All Nashuatec printers will be replaced by HP models in 2022, which will be available on the entire ETH campus. Please follow our instructions to access all printers at ETH under macOS.

Table of contents

A. Download Printer Drivers

B. Installing the Printer Tool

C. Add Printer

A. Download Printer Drivers

The following drivers are required for the HP Printers:

B. Installing the Printer Tool 

Download the Printer-Tool here.

After you have downloaded the tool, you can execute it in the download folder by double-clicking on it.

When this window opens, the setup has started. Click on “Continue” here.

Select Macintosh HD and click “Continue“.

Then click on “Install“.

The Printer Tool is now installed.

C. Add Printer

The ETH Printers Tool can be found under Macintosh -> Applications -> Utilities -> ETH Printers or you can search for “ETH Printers“.

When starting the tool, you are asked to connect to the Server. Click on “Connect“.

Here you have to log in with the d\eth-username and the ETH standard password (the same as with mail, server, etc.). (Backslash CH keyboard: Shift + Alt + 7).

Then you can add the desired printer.

The printers are sorted by location/building, i.e. you can install a specific printer for the desired room/building and then print directly on this device.

See Example: HP ColorLaserjet HIL C 75

For the card printer, with which you can execute the print job on any printer with the ETH card, you must install the “card-hp” with “Install Printer“.