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Server Windows

Connect to a server with Windows (network drive)

The following instruction describes how to connect from Windows PC to a network drive.
Please consider you can only access the servers within the ETH networks. Outside the ETH network you have to start VPN first.

Connect to a Network-Share

1. Type your Server in Windows Explorer in the Adress-Bar:


2. Log in with your ETH-Username (with a d\ in front of the Username) and Password.

3. After successfull login, you see all the Shares where you have access to.

Map a Network Share permanently

1. If you wish to connect a Share permanently, then click with the right Mouse-Button on the Share and choose Map network drive…

2. Choose with drive you want to associate with the Server Share.

Possible Problems

1. My Login is not accepted.

2. I dont see my wished server, but my login works.

  • You don’t have the correct permissions. Please tell this you Assistant and he will write us an email to 

3. I cant make a connection to the server.

  • «Eduroam»- Wireless-Connection works? How to connect wireless to the ETH network

  • Do you have a Firewall installed? If yes, please deactivate and try again to connect. We suggest everybody to use the free and already installed Windows Firewall.