Please note the following changes are necessary to communicate an event and book a space. This also hold trues for NCCR events and space bookings! Priority is given to ITA members with regard to bookings of open spaces and meeting rooms.

Guidelines for ITA events and activities

  • – This semester we try to keep external groups to a minimum in our building because of the Covid-19 situation.
  • – Priorities and exceptions are given to visitors/requests from ETH executive board (Schulleitung).
  • In case you intend to plan an event with more than 40 people in our building, you are asked to get in touch with the ITA Office first. If we find an agreement, you will have to draw up a protection concept for your event.
  • – Furthermore, we kindly ask you to comply with the following regulations and to forward this information to your team:
  • o Masks:
  • – Must be worn outside our offices and within teaching activities.
  • – Also: during meetings and events in the Open Spaces, except for the speaker
  • o Number of people
  • – The maximum number of people are indicated on sheets for each room, for example:
    – Open Space 1: max. 15
    – Open Space 2 (with acoustic wall): max. 40
    – Open Space 3: max. 20
    – Meeting Room E 51.2: max. 5
    – Meeting Room E 51.3: max. 5
    – Meeting Room D 13.1: max. 8
    Meetings should not last longer than 1 ¾ hours
  • o Access and exit for big groups
    – For big groups: use lateral exits (not main ones)

ITA Event Calendar

(for events etc. and booking Open Spaces)

Critics, presentations and tours need to be coordinated with the ITA administration office by sending a calendar invitation to itaevent@ethz.ch. This “invitation” must contain the following information:


• The event name

• The number of participants

• The date

• The time slot

• Space number (if needed)

After acceptance from the ITA administration office, the entry will be published in the ITA Event Calendar and the required Open Spaces will be booked automatically. 

ITA Event Calendar – web view link

ITA Event Calendar – subscribe link (read only .ics)

Keep in mind: Additionally or special furniture should be ordered through Meldeportal Immobilien Services: http://gmis.ethz.ch/

Meeting Room Reservation (HIB):

The availability of the meeting rooms can be either checked by web-calendar or through subscribing to the calendar itself.

Web view (read only):

Subscribe to (read only):


Create a calendar event and invite the room as attendee. The reservation will be confirmed automatically if available.

Further informations:

Flyer HIB-Start