Author: Serge Bilgeri

Conceptboard (Whiteboard)

Introduction: The department provides the collaborative whiteboard solution of the company Conceptboard to all interested D-ARCH members for free use. The web-based application is perfectly suited for the creation of interactive work tables (whiteboard) and/or meetings of work/projects in groups. All common file formats (PDF, JPG, PNG etc.) as well as Illustrator, Photoshop or Office documents are supported as display/upload. The work tables or whiteboards can be exported as PDF for documentation purposes. The objects/documents […]

Personal Storage (Desktop & Documents)

Personal storage (Home-Directory) staff members and students The home-directory is your personals storage where only you have access to it (100 GB). It is also the location where the files from the D-ARCH public computer cluster are stored (desktop and documents). The server can be reached under the address: How to connect to a server see here Server General Information. An active VPN is necessary from outside the ETH! Info: If you are using the […]

Install Creative Cloud Desktop Windows

1. After downloading Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop: double click the zip-file, then double click on setup.exe [1]. You may be asked to execute it, choose yes. Installation in progress. 2. After the successful installation you will find the «Adobe Creative Cloud» icon on your desktop. Now start the application with a double click. Go back and finish the procedure with “Login and activate”

Install Creative Cloud Desktop macOS

System requirements: The current Adobe CC programs run from macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra). We recommend to install macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) or macOS Catalina (10.15.x). On this page you will find everything you need to know about this topic including download links. 1. After downloading Adobe Creative Cloud installation: double click on .zip [1] (only necessary if your browser does not open zip-files automatically), then double click on .dmg [2]. 2. Then right click (or control […]

Telephone & Voicemail

The Department of Architecture uses two types of telephones, which differ slightly from each other in terms of operation; the following brief instructions are provided for this purpose. Voice-Mail The voice mail system can be used as an answering machine, for notes, announcements and absence messages. The following functions are included in the voice mail service: • Answering machines • Delivery of voice messages as MP3 files directly to your inbox • Voice access to […]

NAS Quick Connect Mac

To enable direct access to the corresponding server share in the «Open/Save Dialogs» (Save As) for files, these can be placed in the Favorites sidebar, see below. First of all, the connected servers/shares must be made visible on the macOS desktop. Open the settings of the Finder (desktop) and activate the option «Connected servers». Connect the desired server shares as usual. These should now be visible on the desktop and drag’n’drop them into the Finder’s […]

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