Author: Oliver Eschbach

Data Restore on NAS22

   Restore of Files on NAS22 This manual describes how you can restore old versions of your Files on NAS22. These old versions can be up to one week old. If the data you want to restore is older than 1 week, we have to use the backup. In that case please contact the service desk. Please note, that you can’t perform this restore on a Mac-Device. Mac Users can do this either on a […]

Email Outlook 365 Windows

Configure Microsoft Outlook with ETH Office 365 Account To use the new Mail-Server, the Department of Architecture suggests using the newest Office-Version. This would now be Outlook 365. (Otherwise, only the version 2013 will work with our mail server.) If you don’t have any E-Mail account setup on your device, begin here: 1. Open the Program «Outlook» (Windows Button -> Outlook) and enter your E-Mail Address. 2. Now you can click “Connect” 3. Choose “Office […]

Remote Desktop

Your Device has to be connected to the Internet. Cisco Anyconnect has to be installed, if you are connecting from outside the ETH: Mac: Win: Connect to VPN, if you are connecting from outside the ETH Start the App “Remote Desktop Connection”, which is preinstalled under Windows. Mac: Before connecting, make sure you consulted this site: Then you have to enter the hostname (e.g. ARCH-E65-W-01) of the desired computer and click […]