Author: Oliver Eschbach

Email Outlook 365 Windows

Configure Microsoft Outlook with ETH Office 365 Account To use the new Mail-Server, the Department of Architecture suggests using the newest Office-Version. This would now be Outlook 365. (Otherwise, only the version 2013 will work with our mail server.) If you don’t have any E-Mail account setup on your device, begin here: 1. Open the Program «Outlook» (Windows Button -> Outlook) and enter your E-Mail Address. 2. Now you can click “Connect” 3. Choose “Office […]

Remote Desktop

Your Device has to be connected to the Internet. Cisco Anyconnect has to be installed, if you are connecting from outside the ETH: Mac: Win: Connect to VPN, if you are connecting from outside the ETH Start the App “Remote Desktop Connection”, which is preinstalled under Windows. Mac: Before connecting, make sure you consulted this site: Then you have to enter the hostname (e.g. ARCH-E65-W-01) of the desired computer and click […]