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Connecting to the ETH WLAN with Mac OS X

If you want to establish a wireless connection please choose the network eth-5 or eth (with older Laptops). Use the VPN connection only from home to connect to the ETH-servers or to work with software which needs ETH network licences (e.g. Cinema4D, ArchiCAD, VectorWorks, etc.)

Connecting to SSID eth-5

To connect to the ETH network eth-5 (or eth with older Laptops), you have to do the following settings once:

1. Click on the wireless symbol in the menu bar of your Mac. Then choose eth-5.

2. In «Username:» fill in your ETH shortname and in «Password:» your ETH password. Then click Join.

3. Choose then in the appearing pop-up window Show Certificate.

4. Check first if «Always trust» is selected. Then open the small triangle Trust and check if Always Trust is selected. Then click on Continue.

5. Then fill in your Mac username and your Mac password. Then click Update Settings.

6. If your wireless symbol appears in black, you have done it well and your Mac will automatically connect to the ETH network in the future!

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Page last modified on August 26, 2014, at 04:44 PM