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Computerrooms E65 and C36/37 and D24.1

Printer- and Scanner-Room C42.3

The departement of architecture offers his students public computer-rooms at the HIL C & E floors. In the rooms C36/37 you find Apple iMacs and Dell PC's. In the E65 are Dell PC's. Login with your ETH-shortname and password. You find additionally a printer- and scanner-room in HIL C42.3.

Computerrooms C36/37 and D24.1

Our new computerrooms in the C floor were opened at October 26th 2015 and replace the previous room in HIL E29. In addition we have opened another computerroom with 22 workplaces at D24.1 (former post office) at February 15th 2017.

Computerroom E65

16 Computer workplaces

Printer- and Scanner-Room C42.3

You find a combined printer- and scanner-room in HIL C42.3. Dia stencils can be borrowed in HIL C38.3. werden.

Windows Cluster C36/37/E65/D24.1Macintosh Cluster C36/37 & D24.1
Daniel WalterRichard Hajfler 
HIL C 38.3HIL C 38.2 
Tel.: +41 44 633 32 72Tel.: +41 44 633 43 50 
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