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Computers at the D-ARCH

At the D-ARCH desktop computers or laptops are available for staff members. This hardware is supervised by the IB or the IK from your unit.

If you have a permanent workplace, you will get a fix ethernet connection for your computer. This ethernet connection is preconfigured. You don't have to set up something manually.

If you have problems with your network, please consult your responsible person from your chair or the person from your institute

Wireless access for laptops

If you want to establish a wireless connection please choose the network eth-5 or eth. Use the VPN connection only from home to connect to the ETH-servers or to work with software which needs ETH network licences (e.g. Cinema4D, ArchiCAD, VectorWorks, etc.)

Further informationen concerning Wireless-Access:

Further points

Please note Use of ETH Zurich Telematics Resources.

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